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Pallets & Packaging

Sustainable materials. Responsible production.

About us

Whatever you transport, we provide the right packaging or pallet

Are your goods large, heavy, fragile or unusually shaped? Do you want to send large quantities of a certain product with as low as possible packaging costs? Or is each of your products a different size? We produce the right pallet, case or crate to guarantee safe transport. Should you so wish, we can take care of packaging the goods ourselves.

The Foresco Group designs and produces pallets, industrial packaging and cardboard solutions for all sectors. This ranges from distribution centres, food producers and container shippers, to steel processors, building companies, production companies and so many more. We deliver just-in-time for many of our customers. We always live by the quality requirements and standards particular to the sector we are serving.

Our packaging


Exports without problems

Do you want to use pallets or crates that are suitable for worldwide export? We hold ISPM 15 certification for all our products. Your new pallets, cases, crates and other packaging are subjected to heat treatment (HT) according to the ISPM 15 standard in our drying ovens. Sales and supplies to abroad then proceed without any problems.

Do you also want to prevent mould formation, for example because you are operating in the food sector? In such cases we recommend that you buy new pallets that have been treated by room drying that reduces the moisture level. We can obviously also take care of this for you.