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Our approach

Flexibility, quality and reliability: they are the keywords at the heart of everything we do. We associate this with our ambition to be the ultimate benchmark for pallets and packaging in the Benelux.

A team to be proud of

Our great power: a well-oiled team of 500 employees who make sure that our pallets and packaging are supplied to our customers on time day in day out.

How exactly does that happen?

  • Our team of packaging specialists comes up with a design.
  • The purchasing department ensures efficiently purchased and sustainable raw materials of which we keep sufficient stock at all times.
  • Production planning makes sure that your product is produced at the right establishment.
  • Production itself is carried out by experienced specialists - the quality supervisor stands in for an extra check.
  • Our mobile packing teams come to you if required.
  • Orders are processed by our internal department and supplied JIT or according to a fixed order schedule; we set up an EDI connection with your system should you so require.
  • Deliveries are made by permanent drivers who can also collect your used pallets for repairs.
  • Questions, arrangements or a need for consultation? Your account manager is your trusted point of contact.
  • We send invoices to you electronically per delivery, per week or combined on a monthly basis.
Foresco packaging

A customised infrastructure

Our comprehensive network of establishments means we can always deliver in your vicinity. We can then respond with speed, we keep transport costs low, and guarantee a flexible service. Each day our 30 lorries are out on the road across the whole of Flanders and South-Netherlands. You are certain that your packaging will be ready on time and your stock will be topped up when necessary.

At the same time, having a number of establishments guarantees the necessary extra operating reliability for both you and us. Should an incident occur at a certain establishment, other establishments can take over and your production does not have to be affected.

Besides there being a number of locations, the locations themselves are also perfectly equipped to produce what they specialise in. There are obviously differences in machinery between the sites with machine installations for larger series and those for smaller ones. Some sites are even set up for the mainly manual production of very small series or more complex products. There are also sites specialising in repairing pallets or packing goods supplied.

Foresco packaging

Customer-oriented attitude

A ship or plane does not wait until your goods are on board. You will also most probably not want to devote space or working capital to building up extra buffer stocks. We understand that. This is why agreed deadlines are sacrosanct to us.

Because we know that creating time and space for building up your own stock is not a simple matter. We can take this over from you. Our extensive storage space guarantees large storage options and our delivery reliability means you will never end up without sufficient stock. We consult you on always having a certain stock available and deliver where and when you wish.

From design to production to delivery: we keep the whole process under our own management. The reason for this is our desire to always offer high quality while being cost-conscious and flexible.

Thanks to our size we can purchase materials such as wooden planks, board material and heavy industrial cardboard at inexpensive prices. We can then guarantee quality with an attractive price tag. We then process the materials in-house on the machine best suited to the work. Keeping the work process itself in our own hands means we can work cost-efficiently while retaining maximum flexibility.

To keep the total costs down (packaging, handling, transport) we not only continually invest in our own production facilities, we also specialise in optimising the packaging structure. We minimise hidden costs, for example the space taken up by the packaging material, by for example working with innovative wood/cardboard combinations.

Our saw mill, planing shop and assembly facilities are fully equipped to deliver quality. In our ovens we take care of heat treatment (HT) or dry our wood according to the ISPM 15 standard. We also do the impregnation in-house.