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Foresco Group

We have grown from being a wood trader to become a real packaging specialist. Today, with our group and subsidiary companies we are known for our fast service, inventive solutions and sustainable and cost-conscious approach.


Foresco packaging

A little history

From wood trader to packaging specialist

Foresco was established in 1924. Trading in wood was the main activity of the Foresco Group up until the eighties. The activities were then gradually extended to the production of wooden pallets, cases and crates in response to the changing needs of our customers. In the nineties we also added the processing of industrial corrugated cardboard to our production activities. Today, besides wood the Foresco Group also uses corrugated cardboard, special foils and other protective materials to create industrial packaging.

Growth to become the ultimate benchmark in the Benelux

Since 2010 Foresco has taken the lead in consolidating the sector, so customers can call upon a professional organisation that offers a complete solution for products as well as services. Although there are still different brand names associated with our group today, the underlying operations are integrated in such a way that production will always take place at the best-qualified site, while there are also back-up options in the event of incidents.

Foresco packaging

Foresco in figures

Today the Foresco Group achieves a turnover of 120 million euros, evenly shared across the various products and services. We do this with 500 employees at 11 establishments in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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For Belgium: contact Foresco Group at or +32 3 450 11 77

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