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It all started in 1962 for Lapack, with the production of potato boxes! Today, the organization is a professional, technological production company with a wide range of wooden logistics solutions - from cases and crates to pallets.



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9581 AM Musselkanaal

Lapack produces pallets, cases, crates, special packaging, load carriers and other product carriers and logistic tools. We work for a wide variety of clients: from small and medium-sized companies to international actors. Every day, we produce more than 15,000 products which we deliver directly to customers from various locations. Whether it's one-off orders or batches that are purchased monthly, in larger or smaller volumes, anything is possible.

What exactly can you expect from Lapack? Standardized Euro pallets, chemical pallets, system pallets, export packaging and fully customized special products. Our technological production lines, with robot-supported production components, are among the most advanced in the pallet industry. They guarantee both a high degree of automation and maximum flexibility.

Lapack’s best ally? Wood! It is the only material we work with. Compared to plastic pallets, wooden pallets are a lot cheaper, and, in terms of design and application, they offer infinitely more possibilities. Lapack strives to reuse a pallet as much as possible. A wide range of used and recycled wooden packaging solutions are delivered from the Lapack Trade & Recycling center in Foxhol. Since 2007, the organization has been producing a variety of wooden logistic products with the quality stamp 'Lapack The Art Of Packaging'. That stamp means that clients can rely on solid experience and expertise and they know they will get the most cost-effective solution for any logistic application.

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The art of packaging

Lapack masters the art of packaging like no one else. This knowledge is well expressed in the form of our export packing services. All shapes and sizes, all shipments, any time. We take care of the packaging and shipping of every export category. To live up to our name of 'one-stop-shop', our mobile teams are always on the move to pack and ship your road, air and sea freight on location. Fast, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable.

Our dedicated employees are specialists in the design, manufacturing and assembly of all cargo packaging to international standards, taking into account weight, volume, value and fragility of the shipment. The starting point is always the optimum protection of your freight. We ensure that your shipment arrives safely and on time while saving you costs.



Sustainability in our genes

We sell and produce wooden packaging with a clear vision: we want to be as close as possible to our customers and, together with them, we develop the most appropriate strategy for their products. Examples include EDI solutions, JIT deliveries, return flow management, reduction of transport movements, product optimisation and optimisation of purchase quantities. These are all working methods that we consciously integrate into our production strategy.

It goes without saying that we are PEFC-certified: our wood comes from certified forests and we can deliver your pallets with an ISPM15 certificate thanks to our own drying rooms.

Another thing that is very important to us is recycling. We recycle a wide range of wooden packaging - cases and crates as well as pallets - and give them a second life in an environmentally conscious way. Sustainability is not a buzzword for us: it's simply in our genes.


How can we help you?

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For Belgium: or +32 3 450 11 77

For the Netherlands:  or +31 38 222 16 01


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