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Packaging partners

Packaging Partners

Do you want to transport your goods by sea or air? With the years of experience of our skilled specialists we can call ourselves a specialist in maritime and air freight packaging.



Dynamicalaan 14/16
2610 Antwerpen

Our location between two large ports is one of our strengths: the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam are both close by. Should you wish, we package your goods for you on the quayside, or you can have that done at your company or our work place in Malle.

We ensure optimal protection of your products for transport over rough terrain. We also make sure that the international transport requirements for your goods are in order, and we always work according to requirements. Quality, service, flexibility and communication are some of the permanent mainstays at our company.

Packaging Partners attaches importance to

Optimal protection and affordability

Packaging that is airworthy or seaworthy: not always a simple matter. But this is nonetheless often sorely needed for sensitive material such as motors or switch boxes. These products must be given a maximum of protection against external influences when transported by sea or air cargo.

For sea cargo just packaging in a case is not sufficient, even if you fasten the cases in the sea containers. At Packaging Partners we will first pack your products in vacuumed aluminium sleeves, with the necessary moisture-absorbent resources inside. This pre-packaging process ensures that your material will not be affected by volatile sea transport. After the journey you can also store the cases outside without any concerns.

Cases for air cargo must usually comply with specific requirements. There are restrictions on dimensions, and the weight of the case must be kept as low as possible because of the transport cost. We join you in finding the best solution so your material can be sent in a cost-efficient way.

Specific custom-made work

Special packaging is often a requirement for international transport. This why we always have our packaging wood treated according to the ISPM 15-standard, along with the necessary certificates. We are not dependent on third parties for this, so the delivery periods for our packaging material remain assured.

In principle we have no stock products: all our stocks are designed in line with your specific requirements. We produce each case, crate or suspension pallet according to your requirements and the special needs of the product to be packaged.

You can also call upon us for accessories such as wooden saddles, cradles and seats. We always take account of the nature of the material, the weight, type of transport (road transport or by sea or air), destination country and obviously your wishes.


How can we help you?

Would you like to know more about us, our products and our services? Then get in touch with us, we'll be happy to help.


For Belgium: contact Foresco Group at or +32 3 450 11 77

For the Netherlands: contact Phoenix Pallets directly at or +31 38 477 2020


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