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In 1976 Mathieu Verhoeven founded Verhoeven Pallets as a specialist in the production of new pallets. His three sons took the business over in the eighties. What started as a small-scale, manual manufacturer of wooden pallets has today become a modern company with twenty-five employees.



Industriezone Balendijk 214
3920 Lommel

How does Verhoeven Pallets operate? Products fully tailored to your needs! That’s why we devote ourselves to:

  • The use of high quality material at a price in line with market practice
  • Modern machinery we use to produce at speed while being cost aware
  • Competent employees A minimum of overheads Care for each individual customer

It is not only our way of working that makes us the ideal partner for your new and used pallets. We also achieve a production capacity of no fewer than 5,000 pallets a day, with on top the supply, repair or export of a further 4,000 used pallets.  


Lean-and-mean pallet production

Meer dan 100 soorten palletten maken we op de meest efficiënt mogelijke manier. Dit doen we dankzij onze jarenlange ervaring, investeringen in (en optimalisatie van) de juiste machines en optimale aankopen. We beschikken ook over een eigen droogkamer, drie eigen vrachtwagens en een hoop inhouse technologie.

Foresco packaging

Production according to your specifications

We said it earlier: at Verhoeven Pallets we work according to your needs. In real terms this also means we produce pallets in special sizes. These are pallets that are too small or too large to be manufactured on normal production lines. Should machinery setting costs for a small quantity appear to high, we switch to manual work and produce the pallets with nail guns.

Our cases and crates are also manufactured according to requirements. This may be because just a small number is involved, or the dimensions are of such a nature that automatic production is not the sensible way forward.

We achieve all this specific custom-made work thanks to our computer-controlled shortening machine. This can shorten wood to the perfect length. We then produce using quickly adjustable templates to minimise labour costs.  


How can we help you?

Would you like to know more about us, our products and our services? Then get in touch with us, we'll be happy to help.


For Belgium: or +32 3 450 11 77

For the Netherlands:  or +31 38 222 16 01


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