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From the smallest or simplest pallet, to gigantic crates with protection against corrosion, shock absorption and inspection holes: we have it all in our range. We always ensure that you get the pallet or packaging that offers the best protection for your goods, and at the lowest possible price. Sometimes this means an individual packaging design, sometimes an existing pallet or variation of it from our very comprehensive range, or sometimes even a second-hand pallet. With more than fifty years as a packaging specialist behind us, we know how to deal with all sorts of products, formats and circumstances.

Quality at the right price

Do you have a specific project planned? One-off or reusable pallets or packaging needed for the regular transport of your goods? We design and produce our industrial packaging in small and large series. This can be fully automatic or manually depending on the product and batch size. We choose to use wood (pine or beech), plywood, OSB, hardboard, cardboard and many other materials so your pallet or packaging is always strong and available at the keenest price. Our advantage of scale means we can source all our raw materials at the best prices. We can always keep our manufacturing and transport cost under control thanks to our different production sites with their own specialisations.

From idea to packaging

Do you have to transport your products or machines, but have no idea how you can safely package them? We join up with you to come up with the answer. Based on the transport requirements and the properties of your goods we choose or design packaging that perfectly matches your product.

We put every consideration into producing all our packaging and pallets, while maximally reducing the total cost of ownership:

  • We create a detailed design beforehand so actual production can take place quickly and smoothly.
  • We keep the dimensions and weight of our packaging low so we can produce it with the lowest possible material and production costs.
  • We produce in the most efficient manner so the product cost stays low.
  • Where necessary we provide extra protection against damage for any vulnerable spots in your product

Where and whenever you want

Flexibility and speed are our strengths. Do you want to quickly ship a large and heavy part? Thanks to our extensive stocks we can provide the right protective packaging in no time at all. We can bring it to your site. You are obviously also welcome to have your goods packaged at one of our establishments. Reliable deliveries, planned long beforehand or last minute: we get straight down to work for you.

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