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Cases and crates

Foresco is the ultimate benchmark for the production of cases and crates. Large or small, light or heavy. Large series or one-off. But always the right quality and robust and stackable. Your product then enjoys maximal protection


Foresco designs and produces all cases and crates fully tailored to your needs. We use wood, OSB, plywood or hardboard depending on your requirements. Where necessary we ensure extra protection against corrosion (VAS laminate or VCI), vibration-damping and more. We build the inside in such a way that your product stays well supported and is exposed to no risks whatsoever.

For companies who regularly transport the same goods we produce in large numbers (by machine or otherwise) to lower the cost. Our stock management service monitors your minimum stocks while ensuring that the cases or crates are always supplied on time, when and where necessary.

Why a case or crate?

  • Very strong packaging (limited lateral impact)
  • Optimal for long transport over rough terrain or by sea
  • Option of adding protection against corrosion (VCI, VAS)
  • Can be augmented with shock absorbers, viewing windows, tilt watch, rain cover and more
  • Designed tailored to your product
  • Stackable
  • Limited costs thanks to the optimal material choice/cost (wood, OSB, MPX) based on weight, knock risk and climate
  • Certified for export (HT treatment according to ISPM 15 standard)


How can we help you?

Would you like to know more about us, our products and our services? Then get in touch with us, we'll be happy to help.


For Belgium: or +32 3 450 11 77

For the Netherlands:  or +31 38 222 16 01


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