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Corrugated cardboard and wood/cardboard combinations

Corrugated cardboard with single, double or triple flute is economical, sustainable and exceptionally strong. A combination with a wooden construction can offer extra reinforcement.

In some cases a combination of strong industrial cardboard with wooden bottom or frame is the ideal solution.


We design your boxes according to requirements and supply an intelligent packaging design with optimised shape, strength and ease of handling. Small dimensions, large series or vice versa: large dimensions, small series. Anything is possible. American boxes (Fefco 0201), half-American boxes (Fefco 0200), telescope type (Fefco 0310), wrap-arounds (Fefco 0914), punched plates, specific inserts, and so on.

Would you prefer packaging consisting largely of cardboard but reinforced with wooden slats? This packaging is highly convenient because the cardboard is bent and fastened so the storage space stays minimal, just like the time to assemble the packaging.

As the customer you have a choice of keeping the buffer stocks at your own company or leaving stock management to us. In that case we maintain minimum stocks and deliver the cardboard packaging where and when you wish.

Why corrugated cardboard?

  • Less expensive and lighter than wood, but still strong
  • Can be combined with wooden bottom or frame for extra strength
  • A minimum of storage space required with the pliability of the cardboard
  • Can be printed in one or a number of colours
  • Available in all sizes and shapes
  • Available with various strengths (depending on your product)


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