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Pallet collars

Folding wooden pallet collars (pallet extenders) are an ideal and economic solution for the transport and storage of goods on europallets or custom pallets (with the same dimensions as those of the pallet collar). Their use optimizes the utilisation of the pallet loading area. Pallet extenders fully replace paper, metal and plastic boxes.

Thanks to their strength and durability, pallet extenders can be used across industries. Pallet collars are assembled one on top of another and the total height of an assembly can be adapted as required. Wooden collars take up minimum space when folded. The pallet collars consist of four side plates connected using galvanised metal hinges. Every hinge is fixed with four steel rivets.


Our fixed pallet collar consists of a simple, strong construction of white pinewood and steel that is exceptionally quickly assembled. The pallet collar is excellently stackable and available in two formats: 1,000 x 1,200 mm and 800 x 1,200 mm.

Our hinging pallet collar can be folded in so takes up little space when you no longer need it. This version is also easy to stack when folded out. We supply the hinging pallet collar in three formats: 1,000 × 1,200 mm, 800 × 1,200 mm and 800 × 1,000 mm.

Why pallet collars?

  • Guaranteed safe transport
  • Standardised and approved
  • Can be exchanged, repaired and re-used
  • Easy to stack
  • Very strong
  • Collapsible version is simple to store


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