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Re-usable multiclip

The fast-opening and -closing multiclip case is ideal as strong and inexpensive shuttle packaging.


Multiclip cases are made of plywood or OSB. Along the edges there are individually milled grooves where we add light elastic metal clips to make the connection. The clips are simple to fit and easy to remove again so you can again lay your case flat for storage or transport.

This makes reusable multiclips extremely convenient for transporting products sent to and fro. The cases can be collapsed flat and saved at the location of receipt until they are needed again.

Another common use: when a certain product is processed in various places so has to be transported a number of times from the one location to the other. In such cases it is useful to transport the multiclips back to the location of origin in the folded up position after receipt of the goods. Then the same cases can transport the products in this series a number of times from the same location.

Why a reusable multiclip?

  • Multiple use and transports efficiently when folded shut
  • Very compact in folded up position (easy to store)
  • Simple to assemble and disassemble thanks to metal clip connections
  • Strong so easy to stack
  • Designed tailored to your product