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Special bottoms

Are you operating in the steel, paper or construction industry? If so, your load carrier may in some cases need to be stronger, larger or more specific than a traditional pallet. That is why we produce wooden bottoms with exactly the right dimensions. Such a tailor-made strong bottom is also useful for fixing machines or stacking plates.

The quantities can vary depending on what you need. For daily supplies we provide minimum stocks of standard formats or the constant production of your specific sizes.


We ensure the right wooden support for all sizes, shapes and weights. In so doing we take account of the:

  • Dimensions of the bearing surface
  • Support points
  • Sagging in the width or length
  • Required quantities
  • Positioning of the bottom beams
  • Any contact protection
  • Construction in hardwood or softwood

Why special bottoms?

  • Fully matched with your product (e.g. 400 x 400 mm to 12,000 x 3,000 mm)
  • Cost-efficient production compared to the standard formats
  • From one bottom to several hundred or many tens of thousands (we manage your stock)
  • Manual production, semi-automatic or fully automatic, depending on the batch size
  • Supplied as a one-off order or as a set delivery schedule
  • Available within 24 hours with agreed minimum stock