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CP pallets

Are you working in the chemicals sector? If so, Chemical Pallets (CP pallets for short) will certainly be for you. They have the appearance of standard pallets but meet the specific requirements of the European chemical industry.

Our models are specially priced for you, usually immediately available from stock and are also available in nine versions. These pallets are also an attractive investment for other sectors because they have and maintain a high economic value.


We can supply you with nine different types of CP pallets, with codes CP1 up to and including CP9. The difference is in their format and construction. A summary of the various models:

  • CP1: 1000 × 1200 mm Winged pallet
  • CP2: 800 × 1200 mm Winged, Three Legger pallet
  • CP3: 1140 × 1140 mm Square Winged, Three Legger pallet, designed to carry four drums
  • CP4: 1100 × 1300 mm Winged, Three Legger pallet
  • CP5: 760 × 1140 mm Winged, Three Legger pallet, the smallest of the CP pallets
  • CP6: 1200 × 1000 mm Winged pallet with a perimeter base
  • CP7: 1300 × 1100 mm Winged pallet with a perimeter base
  • CP8: 1140 × 1140 mm with a hole in the middle, designed for bulk bag discharge 
  • CP9: 1140 × 1140 mm Winged pallet with a perimeter base

There is also a difference in use of the various CP pallets. Some pallets are suitable for transport and moving bags, other more suitable for cases or liquids. Pay us a visit and we will together find the right pallet according to the requirements of your products.

Why CP pallets?

  • Standardised and approved
  • Can be exchanged, repaired and re-used
  • Easy to stack
  • Very strong
  • Suffice with regard to European requirements of the chemical industry


How can we help you?

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