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Pallets: standard or tailormade

When you invest in new pallets you expect top quality. This is why we have a number of several local production sites, each with its own extensive machinery. We can then respond to your specific needs at speed quickly, and we supply the pallet according to the specifications that we have agreed upon together: quality and dimensions of the wood, type of blocks (pressed or wood), structure, treatment (fresh, drying killn dried or ISPM 15).


Some types

We would like to present you with several types of pallets so you can immediately see which type would suit you. Besides pallets with standard formats, we also supply pallets for different applications specific purposes where of which we can also change the sizes according to requirements.


Single-deck two-way pallet

The single-deck two-way pallet is one of our simplest types, but a real force to be reckoned with. The strong, simple construction makes this pallet ideal for heavy loads. The pallets are much used in the construction and chemicals sectors. We fully adapt the size and design to suit your products and logistical process.


Double-deck two-way pallet

The double-deck two-way pallet is a strong pallet that consists of a top cover, beams and a lower deck. This construction is usually used for the storage and sending of bagged product. The pallets are available in one-off and multiple use versions.


Traveller four-way pallet

The traveller four-way pallet is the ultimate pallet for roller conveyors! This type of pallet has a flat bottom so it can travel in all directions over different transport systems. The flat bottom also makes it suitable for stacking a number of loaded pallets on top of each other. The pallets are available in multiple and one-off designs and in different sizes.


Cross-deck four-way pallet

The cross-deck four-way pallet has a crossed lower deck as the name implies. These pallets are mainly used for the storage of bagged products. The special lower deck construction prevents bags from being damaged when loaded pallets are put on top of each other.


Four-way bridge pallet

The four-way bridge pallet is perfect for many uses because of its simple but functional design. We produce different versions and dimensions, in large or small series. This means we can also offer customer-specific bridge pallets at an attractive price.



Our Europallets suffice with regard to the EPAL standards and are made of high quality wood. So you may be certain that your pallet will pass through your logistical process without any problems while retaining a high residual value. We always have EPAL Europallets for you in stock so we can deliver them to you at any time.



Are you working in the chemicals sector? If so, Chemical Pallets (CP pallets for short) will certainly be for you. They have the appearance of standard pallets but meet the specific requirements of the European chemical industry.

Our models are specially priced for you, usually immediately available from stock and are also available in nine versions. These pallets are also an attractive investment for other sectors because they have and maintain a high economic value.

Epal 3 pallet

EPAL-3 pallet

In May 2020 we received the certificate for the production of EPAL-3 pallets. We now have this type of pallet (measuring 1,000 x 1,200 mm) permanently in stock.

We design our EPAL-3 pallets using high quality wood and make sure that they meet the EPAL standards. So you may be certain that your pallet will pass through your logistical process without any problems while retaining a high residual value. The EPAL-3 pallet is available from stock at any time.


Our fully automatic production lines produce many thousands of new pallets a day. Besides the standard models we offer you the most varied of sizes; this means you are certain to find what suits you. Still no idea what your pallets must look like? No worries, our experienced specialists will help you to find the right design. Two-way pallet, four-way pallet, travellers, block pallets, beam pallets, wooden blocks, compressed blocks. We have it all in our range.

Our pallets are suitable for worldwide export thanks to ISPM 15 certification. Your new pallets are heat treated according to the ISPM 15-standard in our high-tech drying ovens. Do you also want to prevent mould formation, for example because you are operating in the food sector? We recommend that you buy new pallets that have been treated by room drying that reduces the moisture.

Why new pallets?

  • We produce many hundreds of various models as standard
  • We produce pallets according to particular specifications in close consultation, with test pallets and any intermediate adaptation of the production run Flawless quality (strict screening of suppliers and materials)
  • The finish is given the necessary attention (possible clear fire mark, extra treatment in our drying ovens, chamfering, foil addition and so on)
  • Always in line with the latest evolutions of the market
  • Supplied in the Benelux, France and Germany


How can we help you?

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