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We give pallets multiple lives to allow our customers to reduce TCO and increase sustainability. We buy, collect, sort and repair all types of pallets. On our customers’ premises or at one of our own locations across the Benelux.


Are you afraid that you won’t quickly find what you’re looking for among our used pallets? No need to concern yourself: we sort our second-hand pallets extremely meticulously. We offer you a wide and well-organised range of Europallets, standard pallets, CP pallets and much more.

Or do you see a wall of used pallets at your company that are steadily taking up a large part of your warehouse? You can also come to us here. Gain valuable space and bring in an attractive sum by selling us your second-hand pallets. We will also be happy to take broken pallets from you for repairs.

Different things can be done with the used pallets that we receive each day (approximately 4,000 a day). We either repair them, break them up and use the planks to make new recovery pallets, or we grind them down. We carefully recover both the wood and nails.

Restored pallets and new pallets from recovery work are obviously put back on the market. The ground wood can be used for the chipboard industry or as fuel for bio-power plants. We then keep waste to an absolute minimum.

Why second-hand pallets?

  • Strong, easily coping with their loads
  • You save on purchase costs
  • You will always find what you are looking for among our extensive stock – also special formats
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Our second-hand Europallets are certified, so your exchange system is guaranteed


How can we help you?

Would you like to know more about us, our products and our services? Then get in touch with us, we'll be happy to help.


For Belgium: or +32 3 450 11 77

For the Netherlands:  or +31 38 222 16 01


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