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Corrosion protection

Protection against corrosion during the transport or storage of your goods? VAS laminate or VCI foil is your solution.

Protection during transport and storage

During transport and handling the exposed parts of your product have much to endure (temperature and humidity fluctuations, contact with hands, wood, and so on) so rust formation is unavoidable.

Besides the use of oils, greases and sprays there are in fact two important ways to pack in a highly seaworthy way: in an aluminium sleeve (VAS laminate) and in VCI foil.

Depending on the type of appliance, the destination and the method of handling we help when choosing the right corrosion protection measures. We do indeed have plenty of experience.

VAS laminate (or aluminium laminate) is applied round the appliance then vacuum sealed so corrosion is stopped. The quality of the foil is very important here to allow longer routes or more difficult conditions.

VCI foil, with possible boosters, emits certain gas particles to form a microscopic anti-corrosion barrier on the exposed parts. Besides foils these VCI products can also be used with other materials (cardboard, plastic trays, shrink film). An example of the advantages of this method is that it makes customs inspections easier, without then having to apply a completely new VAS laminate.