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Design and optimisation

Our technical department plays a key role in the creation of the ideal packaging. For all packaging solutions and services they ensure that these are optimally developed for the product in question.

Foresco packaging

Economical and without damage

Our team of packaging specialists works based on plans or existing packaging. They consult with you or come to visit you on-site. Then the right pallet or packaging is designed and produced for your goods, taking account of the technical requirements and the total cost (including handling cost, transport cost, storage, any reusability).

In certain cases specific international quality standards are prescribed for packaging goods to be shipped. Examples are the French SEI standard or the German HPE standard. The standards describe the specifications and structure of the packaging based on weight, method of shipping, protection against corrosion, stackability and more.

Obviously as a packaging specialist we can produce our cases and crates according to these standard procedures. We also have great flexibility in coming up with proposals with an even better price/quality ratio, without increasing the risk of damage in any way.


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