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Wood treatment

Do you want to buy new pallets or packaging that are also suitable for worldwide export? We have ISPM 15 certification so this is all arranged without extra worries.

Heat Treatment

The ISPM 15 standard describes the methods with which wood must be treated and marked, so it is certain that there are no longer any harmful organisms in the wood. This is essential to be able to export outside the European Union.

The wood is certified with an imprint with the ISPM 15 logo and the numbering of the approved producer (the so-called Heat Treatment or HT stamp). Then customs knows that it is correctly treated wood. Certified wood that is re-used or repaired must be certified again.

Anti-mould formation

Do you also want to prevent mould formation, for example because you are operating in the food sector? In such cases we recommend that you buy new pallets that have been treated by room drying that reduces the moisture level. If necessary we can treat the wood with a special anti-mould liquid for you.

Impregnation of garden wood

Foresco impregnates wood up to and including class IV. In our autoclave in Genk the impregnating product is forced into the wood at high pressure, preventing the wood from rotting, mould formation or termites damaging the wood.


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