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A natural support for your products.

​​​​​​Sustainability is the essence of who we are and what we do. The wood in our pallets is a natural product by definition. All our wood comes from sustainably managed forests and our saw-waste is captured and reused. IN addition, we continuously strive to lead the efforts to continue to reduce our carbon footprint and become self-sustainable.

Sustainable use of sustainable wood

Wood is the only raw material that can renew itself. Because all of our wood originates from sustainably managed forests, we are certain that this actually happens. This is why wooden pallets are sustainable.  Furthermore, wooden pallets are a prime example of the circular economy. These wooden pallets are often reused many times over. We contribute with our own sort- and repair centres across the Benelux.

To a CO2-free production

In each of our locations, we invest to evolve towards energy-neutrality. Across our locations, we operate 3 biomass installations to process our own sawing waste, a windmill and evermore solar panels. Our cars and forklifts are being electrified at an increasing pace; our infrastructure is being isolated and modernised; our employees are encouraged to come by bike; end many more initiatives.